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About Big Boy Scooters


Originated in 1998, Big Boy is a proudly South African company, focused on providing a wide range of scooters, on and off road motorcycles and ATVs at unparalleled value-for-money. Big Boy Scooters originally started in the ride-on scooter market, providing an affordable and entertaining mode of transport with petrol and battery powered recreational scooters. Over a decade later, Big Boy’s range now boasts over 35 different scooter, motorcycle and ATV models catering for most on and off road applications.

Our widely used slogan is ‘More Ride for your Rand’ which perfectly sums up Big Boy’s objective. The scooter and commuter range provide an extremely affordable option for commuters to have their own personal transportation at a fraction of the price of a car as well as the freedom of not having to rely on expensive or unreliable public transport. With the spiraling costs of localised personal travel, the financial benefits of riding a scooter or motorcycle are becoming more attractive than ever with massive savings on fuel, toll roads, parking, insurance, servicing and more. Big Boy’s road-legal range caters for everyone from 16 years and over but increasingly people of all ages are using Big Boy products as a logical alternative for their daily traveling needs. Saving just one tank of fuel in your vehicle per month could pay for the repayment costs of your own Big Boy.

Visit an authorised Big Boy dealer near you for a closer look at the incredible range of scooters, on and off road motorcycles and ATVs because there quite simply is no better way to get into biking than with Big Boy. FIND A DEALER


Over 100 authorised dealerships in Southern Africa.
Big Boy’s Head Office and Distribution Warehouse operates from Johannesburg, now suppling and servicing over 80 official dealers in almost every major South African centre. Big Boy’s dealer network has now spread beyond the borders of South Africa to countries like Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Angola.
Big Boy dealerships are geared to cater for all your sales and servicing requirements with many of them able to work on all brands of scooters, commuters and pit bikes including Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, PGO, Aprilia, Jonway, Conti, Bajaj, Sym, Vuka, MotoMia, GoMoto, Bashan, Viper, Thumpstar, Puzey and most Italian scooters.

South Africa's Number 1 selling motorcycle brand.
Every product in our range is a 100% Big Boy product and as of 2011, Big Boy is South Africa’s top selling brand*, a feat which was repeated in both 2012 and to date in 2013. With Big Boy’s highly competitive pricing and an improving range from year to year, this is a title Big Boy aim to retain permanently.
*Sourced from eNatis figures supplied from Tasima. 

Big Boy offers an industry-leading factory warranty. Full warranty terms and conditions are fully disclosed to be easily applied by both customers and authorised dealers.
With off road products, Big Boy offer a 1 Year Warranty which is an important benefit as most of our competitors offer a 0 or 3 month warranty on these product lines.

All models meet European Homoligation standards.
Big Boy’s products are manufactured in the East according to both the latest European standards (EEC) and Big Boy's manufacturing standards. All our products are 100% Big Boy, bringing a strong and unique brand identity that sets us apart from any other importer in our segment.

3000km Service Intervals
This provides our range of scooters and commuters with one of the longest designated service interval periods available from any manufacturer today, making them extremely affordable to maintain.

Nationwide back-up of spare parts through supply chain management
Big Boy offer the best parts backup in our market segment, stocking over 20,000 unique parts at our 3000+ square meter parts warehouse at Big Boy’s Head Office. Parts not in stock are air-freighted in directly from our factories in the East. 

Company Ethics and Customer Care
Big Boy has a full time Customer Care Division, ensuring that any issues or complaints are dealt with in the shortest time frame possible. Big Boy is supported by the Motor Industry Ombudsman and is an AMID Member. All of our owner-run dealerships are trained in CPA Compliance with Head Office striving to have all customers treated with a consistant and professional level of service at all times. CLICK HERE