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1. What are the advantages of Big Boy Scooters compared to other brands?

Big Boy Scooters manufactures, import and distributes the widest range of motorcycles from China into South Africa with 19 years in the market. This experience combined with a well established dealer network of 100+ dealers nationwide and successful distribution via the Big Boy Scooters Head Office ensure that the highest standard of customer service and part backup is maintained. If you are buying a Big Boy Scooter, you can be sure that the best balance between quality, price and performance has been offered to you. What’s more, when you buy a Big Boy, scooter you can be assured of our 3 Year SAM Limited Warranty.

2. Where can I see one of the models sold by Big Boy?

You may visit any one of our 100+ dealers nationwide to view any of the Big Boy products. Please be sure to call the dealer first to ensure the model you are looking for is at the dealership. Depending on stock availability and size of the dealer, they may not have the model you are looking for on the floor.

3. Can your bikes be financed?

Yes, all products can be financed through Big Boy Finance (operated by Fin You) and most major financial institutions.

4. Why do I have to buy through an authorised Big Boy Dealer?

The Big Boy Dealer network can quickly maintain and support any problem you may have. Once you have taken delivery of your Big Boy, you will need to ensure the service schedule is adhered too as per the warranty book. The dealer will also assist you with any questions, decisions or advice to ensure your motorcycle experience enjoyed to the maximum.

5. What type of warranty do your products have?

Please click here to view our terms of warranty.

6. How does your Finance, Insurance and work?

These service's are supplied and operated independently by Fin You's (Smartcredit – An Authorised Financial Services provider FSP 29424). The offers are subject to Fin You’s terms and conditions and have been tailored to suit the requirements of purchases under R25,000.00. Please click on the relevant product to download the policy documents:


7. Where do I bring my Big Boy for repair/ service?

At any of our 100+ Big Boy Authorised dealers nationwide - preferably to the dealer where you purchased your bike. Should you wish to service your Big Boy by any other motorcycle dealer or yourself, this will render the warranty null and void.

8. Spares? Everybody says spares are readily available. What if Big Boy does not have the spares in stock, how long can I expect to wait?

Big Boy carries a vast inventory of spares, over R20, 000, 000.00 stocked parted, however if Big Boy does not have the Big Boy part in stock, it will have the part at earliest convienience. Most of our parts are also interchangeable.

9. Do I need a licence to ride a motorcycle?

Yes, you are required by South African law to be in possession of a valid drivers license for the category of motorcycle you are riding. There are 2 categories:

A1 category which accommodates riders from the age of 16yrs and entitles them to ride up to and including a capacity of 125cc. This category may NOT ride on Highways.

category which accommodates rider over the age of 18yrs and above 125cc.

Big Boy scooters however does not require the purchaser to be in possession of a valid drivers license at anytime during or after sale.

Furthermore Fin You does not require by law, the rider to hold a valid motorcycle drivers licence to finance or insure any of the Big Boy products. It is however the owners responsibility to comply with the law.

10. Are your products SABS / NCRS tested and approved, what about emmisions?

Yes, all our products are SABS registered and a NATIS Manufacturers certificate is available for all models except youth quads as NATIS Manufacturers Certificates are not available for this category.Most of the Big Boy Range complies with the latest EURO 3 emission compliance and quality standards.

11. Why are your motorcycles so much more affordable than other Japanese or European brands?

Most of the Big Boy product range is targeted to the entry level recreational consumer. From young to young at heart, whether budget is important or if you have never owned a motorcycle before and are intrigued by the thrill others get from their motorcycles, Big Boy is the place to start at an affordable price with the biggest range, best price and best service. Big Boy products are not designed for commercial or professional use (racing, high performance, high mileage)

Should you still request further information, please click here and submit your question